New Shell gas station in Serbia!

The Shell brand is always with you for all your needs!

Coral SRB DOO Belgrade, Shell trademark license holder in Serbia, continues its dynamic expansion in the region by opening its fifth gas station.

The new gas station of the company is located in Novi Sad, more precisely in Partizanska Street, while the first Shell gas station in that city has already been operating in Patriarch Pavle Boulevard.

There are a total of three more gas stations in Serbia from 2018 - more precisely, one on the E-70 highway near Adasevci, the other in 40B Jurija Gagarina Street in New Belgrade and the third gas station in Vladike Nikolaja Street in the city of Valjevo.

All Shell gas stations have gained trust of their customers by offering high quality of products and services to all clients on a daily basis.

At the same time, company Coral SRB DOO Belgrade plans to open six more gas stations that will start operating by the end of the year, thus making it easier for the customers to find Shell brand anywhere they go.

The new gas station will offer a full range of top Shell fuels and services. Specifically, various V-Power family fuels, 98 octane Shell V-Power gasoline and Shell V-Power Diesel. Also, the gas station will be equipped to accept Euroshell and UTA cards for international and domestic clients as well as Taxi cards, a program intended for professional taxi drivers through which they can get a discount on every refueling of their vehicle with V-Power fuels.

There is also a Deli to Go section with a great variety of coffee and snacks, while for washing your car is offered Jet Wash self-service.

Erik Mano, General Manager of Coral Serbia, said: "I am very happy that the Shell brand is dynamically expanding in Serbian market. Our gas stations are designed to the highest standards of quality and safety, always guided by the offer of complete solutions for drivers, respect for customers and social responsibility. We offer top-quality Shell fuels along with a number of other innovative services that are always at the service of customers. The goal of the company is to continue to expand its network of new gas stations in central locations through which we will be able to efficiently and quickly serve customers across the country."

Visit one of the five Shell gas stations today and experience top fuel technology, as well as high quality service hidden behind the Shell brand logo.